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I regularly speak to the media and other stakeholders across the City, Government, policing and with trade organisations. Below are a number of news items relating to my work.  Some of these articles require a subscription to be able to read them.

In particular, I have been campaigning for the inclusion of fraud as a priority harm in the Online Safety Bill. Together with trade and victim organisations, the cross party committee looking at this is recommending its inclusion.

“New online safety law ‘will stop hundreds of thousands of frauds’” – Evening Standard 11 February 2022

Mr Thomson told the Standard: “I think this will stop hundreds of thousands of fraud attempts.” He said social media and technology giants currently did not have the financial incentive of banks and insurance companies to crack down on fraud. “This will force them to be pro-active against cyber-enabled crime”. Read full article here.

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“Scam advertising must be included in Online Safety Bill” – City Matters – 9 February 2022

Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Police Authority Board, James Thomson, said: “We are very encouraged to see that fraud will be included as a priority harm in the forthcoming Online Safety Bill, which will help tackle this invidious and fast-growing crime, which can often have a devastating impact on victims.

However, it is our firmly held view that paid-for advertising must be included within the scope of the Bill to help protect people from scam adverts.

Not only would failure to do so risk undermining the benefits of including fraud as a priority harm, it would give the green light to fraudsters to continue targeting victims via this route and may lead to a significant increase in this harmful content. Read full article here.

“Scam advertising must be included in Online Safety Bill, say City of London police chiefs” – Police Professional – 8 February 2022

A failure to include ‘scam advertising’ within the scope of the Online Safety Bill “risks undermining the benefits of including fraud as a priority harm”, according to City of London’s policing chiefs. While it welcomed the Government’s decision to include fraud among a number of new criminal offences in the Bill, the City of London Corporation’s Police Authority Board believes paid-for advertising must also be included in the draft legislation to stop people from becoming victims of fraudulent online advertisements.  Read full article here.

“Ministers must add scam advert crackdown to online harms law, says police chief” – The Telegraph 12 December 2021

James Thomson urges No 10 to add tough rules in new legislation to stop officers fighting fraud with ‘one arm tied behind their back. Read article here.

“Make social media firms legally responsible for tackling fraud” – The Irish News (and others) – 8 September 2021

James Thomson, chairman of the City of London Police Authority Board, will tell an audience, including security minister Damian Hinds, on Thursday that tougher measures to tackle internet fraud should be included in the Online Safety Bill. Read full article here.

Letter: “Investing in cyber defence is a price worth paying” – Financial Times – 16 July 2021

Letter from James Thomson, Chairman, The City of London Police Authority Board, London EC2, UK. Read full letter here.

“Covid-19, a year on: A breakdown of trust between the police and the public” – City A.M. 6 April 2021

We’ll challenge the force to recruit at least 40% BAME officers, address gender imbalances and have representation of all protected characteristics. Read full article here.

“Angela McLaren appointed first female Commissioner of City of London Police” – Police Professional 22 July 2021

Angela McLaren is set to be appointed as the new City of London Police Commissioner, following her election at the Court of Common Council at Guildhall today.

Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Police Authority Board, James Thomson, said: “Angela’s robust professional policing credentials, evidence of strong leadership, and a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion were among the many factors that singled her out from a strong field of candidates. Read full article here.

“Former City special constable to head City Police Authority” – City Matters 30 July 2020

James Thomson has been elected as Chairman of the City of London Police Authority Board.

He will be responsible for leading the Board, whose main role is to ensure that the City of London Police runs an effective and efficient service including setting policing priorities for the City as well as its role as National Lead Force for Fraud.

Mr Thomson was a Special Constable with the City of London Police for 12 years and has been an elected Member of the City of London since 2013 – read full article here.

Whilst serving as a Special Constable, I also used to promote the work of the City Police and in the article below I was promoting the case for the City Police to remain independent at the time the Home Office was promoting police reform and consolidation of the number of police forces across the country.

Opinion: City of London
“May the force be with you”
Sathnam Sanghera – Financial Times 30 March 2006

Walking through the City of London after work the other Friday night I helped a drunk on to a bus, ran through Liverpool Street train station looking for a potential suicide case, visited several licensed premises to make sure there were no bags left unattended and scampered around the Barbican in search of individuals behind a knuckleduster attack.

But before anyone starts worrying that I have been watching too many Steven Seagal movies, I should explain that I did all this while shadowing James Thomson, who during the week works for UK aerospace company Smiths Group, but at weekends spends time working as an officer for the City of London Police. Read full article here.