City Elections 2022 – re-elected to Common Council

The City-wide elections for all 100 Common Councillors took place on 24 March 2022. Thank you to all Walbrook Voters that voted.

The result of the elections was as follows:

  • James Thomson 126
  • Alethea Silk 113
  • Peter Bennett 106

James Thomson and Alethea Silk were duly elected. We thank you for your support.

I have been Common Councillor for 9 years, since 2013, and it is an honour to serve the Ward of Walbrook.

I am also pleased to have been re-appointed as the Ward Deputy.


For further information on registering as a voter or becoming involved in elections as a candidate or as a voter in the City of London, please click here.

Whilst voter registration for the 2022 elections has now closed, please visit: on how to register as a voter.





Promoted and published by James Thomson